Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday WORKOUT (At Home)- Work That Turk!

The Thanksgiving Day / Black Friday At Home Workout

If you read "Half-Assed Health How to Look Good Naked WITHOUT Starving, Suffering, Or Surgery", then you'd know that I only work out 3 days a week, for about 30 minutes. 

You can knock this at home workout out in super fast time, and feel good, ready to eat your face off!

If you are going to eat as much as I plan to, you should probably figure out a way to work it off. I am working out on Thanksgiving day, since it's Thursday, and I work out on a Tuesday, Thursday, Weekend Schedule.

Black Friday WORKOUT (At Home) - YouTube

You might notice that this is very similar to the Hurricane Sandy Workout... because they're the same thing.
Go for it today, and pick up a copy of the book for your end-of-year resolutions coming up! By Bones Rodriguez: Black Friday WORKOUT (At Home) - YouTube: