Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Obesity Conspiracy- AGAIN!

So, today Reuters released an article that describes the CRAZY solutions that government and society have been trying to come up with to solve the Obesity Epidemic that is in our country right now.

They talk about there being less sidewalks to walk on, and how McDonald's is now offering apples and less fires in Happy Meals.

But what they are failing to recognize is that we are at a point where we have to TRY and FIGHT the marketers who sell us POISONS, and we accept it as normal.

Look, I eat ice cream, pizza, and I like drinking Rum and Cokes (I'm Cuban), but sugar is a POISON.

When you go to the supermarket, now you have to WORK at avoiding things that are actually POISONS in our bodies, make us fat, and give us DISEASE- but the problem is:


Are we supposed to be FIGHTING the supermarkets and food manufacturers? I thought their business was to give us food, and we give them money. Well, it turns out that they want the money, but only feed us poisons...

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