For Sexy People Only

Counting Calories Isn't Sexy.

Neither is BORING everyone with your "Diet Plan"...

In the book, I talk about getting as much nutrition as you can in one sitting, so you can be free the rest of the day. 

Almost everyday I make myself a shake that takes care of a lot of what the body needs.

SCOOP OF SEXY provides a wide variety of nutrients in ONE formula. You would usually need to buy a lot of different products to get the same benefits, so it's a great half-assed way to get all your nutrition. 

Then I add Low-Carb BIO-TRUST Protein to the mix to get a full meal!

In HALF-ASSED HEALTH I write about the special fruit-and-protein shake that I blend up and drink everyday. 

Here's the recipe:
2 cups cold orange juice
1 banana (have one everyday!)
A small handful of frozen blueberries
3 or 4 Frozen Strawberries
1 Scoop of BIO TRUST Low-Carb Protein
2 Teaspoons of SCOOP OF SEXY Super Foods Powder