Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Weekend WORKOUT!!

Ok, so it's Black Friday weekend, and that means that Thursday was THANKSGIVING.

Thanksgiving, where you are grateful for your life, and find the good in everything, right?

Also, where you eat a bunch of food just to show how grateful and abundant you truly are.

Also, where you start worrying about getting FAT during the winter, and knowing that NEW YEAR'S is right around the corner, you start making promises and "resolutions" for the New Year.

Well, a lot of people are going to be SUCKERED by the workout industry to buy the latest and greatest DVD set that costs at least $99 and promises that you'll be in shape in 30-60 days or your money back, provided you do the almost impossible workouts everyday.

Which VERY few people ever do, so of course, no refunds if you don't do the work.

And even if you do, what are you supposed to do AFTER the 30-60 days? NO, you cannot keep up that pace, and frankly- WHO WANTS TO??

It's in the industry's interest to keep you Yo-Yoing so that you buy the NEWEST thing, and keep that CHURN going, you see?

So, after being one of the SUCKERS that was being churned for my hard-earned money, I chose to find the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT workout that would work for me YEAR ROUND, and never left me starving, suffering, or needing surgery!

That's why I wrote Half-Assed Health- so that my friends and U could BREAK FREE from the Yo-Yo diets, workouts and expensive DVD sets,

Instead of all of that nonsense, I NEVER have to make new "Resolutions" about my workout or weight, and I look good naked ALL YEAR without having to disrupt my life to get it.

As I write about in the book, it's about 1/2 hour, every other day- and you'll get MAXIMUM RESULTS without it taking over your life-

Don't you have BETTER THINGS TO DO than workout and watch what you eat all the time?

Don't you want to GET A HANDLE ON THIS already?

Then STOP doing the bullsh*t, and get Half-Assed Health this weekend for FIVE DOLLARS.

You can read the entire book in one 20-minute sitting, and if you don't enjoy it, or see how it all can work in your life- I'll refund your measly five dollars!

That's right- FIVE DOLLARS, and I'll donate $1 to the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Foundation.

Get Sexy, and Help some sick kids get better.

How's THAT for a Black Friday deal?

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