Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fat Guy Doing Triceps...

I went to the gym today, and there was this fat guy there... about 5'7, over 300 lbs.

Awesome man, let's do this. It was a nice day in NYC, and people were there wanting to look better, and I am all for the personal improvement thing.

But he was working his triceps.

Now look, I think working out is great, and as you know from reading Half Assed Health, I believe in doing it just about every other day. HOWEVER, if you're pushing three bills, working your Tris are NOT a good use of time.



How many "SQUAT" videos do you need?

The thing that's great about writing Half Assed Health is that I feel like I started to get the REAL word out on the fitness business. I feel like I'm actually helping people without gouging them in their desperation.

Working out and getting fit doesn't have to be this crazy complicated thing, where you spend hundreds of dollars and spend hours and hours hurting yourself.

But the business side of it sucks.

You see, for me to "monetize" this correctly, then I should be shrouding it all in secrecy. I should say things like "The ONE secret they won't tell you" and things like that, and then charge people exorbitant amounts of money to tell them that secret.

But that's the exact opposite of my message.

So, I give away a ton of stuff, write free reports and charge a measly $5 for my book.

In discussing this with someone in the fitness field, he was telling me to create more video content, and create a following from that by demonstrating the different workouts, and demonstrating how to eat foods, etc.


How many "How To Do A Squat" videos do we need?
Doing a search on YouTube revealed that there were 16,600 videos that would be brought up with those search terms. Really? How many do we need? Actually, iut's all just people trying to get traffic to their site so you buy whatever secret it is they have for you.

So, if that's the opposite of what I'm trying to do, I can do two things:
1- Not do it, and understand that I won't be monetizing this well
2- Do it and be a lying hypocrite.

I'll choose #1.

Tell people about Half Assed Health please!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Trainer Dilemma

I didn't mean for this video to be so long, and I didn't mean to make it the main video on the website, but some people told me they really liked it, so I put it up:
The question is "Is your Trainer lying To You"?

If you are working out with a trainer, you might want to watch this and decide for yourself.